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Our Story

PRIVARSA was founded in 1992, in Monterrey City, aiming to offer a supply service of mold bases, mold components, and hot runner systems within the growing industry of plastic injection in Mexico. PRIVARSA mainly represents the PCS brand, a molding supplies manufacturer. Thanks to the great acceptance of its customers, its excellent distribution service and the invaluable support of its suppliers, PRIVARSA has managed to grow, catering to all industrial centers dedicated to plastic injection in the country, which consolidates us as the most important supplier in Mexico within this industry.
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27 years of experience

One of PRIVARSA’s secrets to success is that it managed to become a decisive link for the production cycle of its’ customers, ensuring that their production does not stop because of the lack of components, materials or equipment. It also contributes to the reduction of the waiting time by having several facilities and enough inventories distributed strategically all across the country. PRIVARSA’s philosophy is based on the idea that “production should not be stopped”. Which means having an optimal inventory of spare parts; having key parts for sell on their establishments; and having a service that can efficiently deliver urgent shipments. Looking out for its clients and suppliers, and making sure that the quality of their products is as outstanding as it can be, PRIVARSA offers advisory services as well as training courses on the use of its products to the industry personnel, courses that are conducted by PRIVARSA’s engineers who have years of experience, alongside with the suppliers’ support.