For 27 years, PRIVARSA has been dedicated to bring the best materials and components of the world to Mexico’s plastic injection industry.

We have the best international suppliers so we can offer you the greatest quality of EOAT (End of Arm Tooling), Hot Running Systems, Mold Components, Chemicals and Molding Products, and also welding Equipment and Laser Engraving, among other things.


Besides helping your company grow with the aid of leading brands in the plastic injection industry, we also offer integral services that will guarantee the good quality of your products:

  • Oven cleaning of hot runner systems, sprue bushing and check valves (max dimensions: 32” base x 32” height x 44” thickness).
  • Training courses and demonstration of laser welding equipment.
  • Cavity repair service, using laser and micro TIG technology.
  • Manufacturing of coil heaters.
  • Installation of flexible heaters.
  • Demonstration of FISA’s ultrasonic mold cleaning equipment – testing in molds and cavities within our TECH CENTER.
  • Repair and maintenance of temperature control modules and mainframes
  • Training courses and demonstration of the mold polishing process.
  • Training courses on the usage of hot runner systems.
  • Training courses on safety regarding the usage of lifting points and lifting systems (we also offer recertification of the lifting points)

Repair and Maintenance of Temperature Control Modules

Assistance for Coil Heaters

Repair of Mainframes

Manufacturing and Repairment of Standard and Special Power & Thermocouple Cables

Demonstration of FISA'S Ultrasonic Mold Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning of Hot Runner Systems, Sprue Bushing and Check Valves