We celebrate the success of our Open House!

We thank everyone who joined us and Dr. Laura Florez for sharing knowledge about Industry 4.0. To reduce costs in injection molding.

The inauguration in Bogota was exciting, presenting solutions and products ready for immediate delivery.

Thank you for being part of this milestone!

Testimonial on the efficiency of the FISA ultrasonic cleaner

With the FISA ultrasonic cleaner, you guarantee a deep and efficient cleaning in all areas, from the most visible to the most difficult to reach. Increase your production and improve the quality of your parts.

An investment that really pays off!

Specialized service for the plastic injection molding industry in Mexico!

We offer you a timely supply service of mold holders, mold cleaning, components, robots, hot runner systems and more, in order to continue supporting the plastic injection molding industry in Mexico.



Introducing HTKM robots, advanced automation technology with more than 20 years of experience and German Bosch Rexroth components!

Thanks to their dynamic servomotors, high-precision linear motion components and engineered design, HKTM robots work in a repetitive cycle-by-cycle manner in applications such as part pick-up, insert placement, IML (in-mold labeling), among others.

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